• “While fame has existed for centuries, celebrity is inextricably linked to media. The peculiar mixture of larger-than-life personas and the feelings of connection and intimacy they inspire are formed and spread through mass media” (Marwick 1). 
  • “Second, social media enables micro-celebrity, a self-presentation technique in which people view themselves as a public persona to be consumed by others” (Marwick 1). 
  • “Many historically significant people used what might be considered early mass media, such as literature, monuments, or portraiture, to strategically solidify their elevated social status. Alexander the Great, for instance, famously cultivated an image of himself as a god and heir to an immortal throne, and hired historians, bards, and poets to spread this myth throughout his empire” (Marwick 3). 


  • Mollysoto is famous for her Tumblr
  • The desire for attention is human 
  • Micro-celebrities are famous for social media platforms, and subcultural celebrities are famous for broadcast platforms

Thoughts: This article made me consider the difference between micro-celebrities and subcultural celebrities, which is something that I had never before considered. For instance, are individuals who are famous for Youtube or Vine famous truly celebrities if they’ve only become well-known through these social media platforms? When describing how Alexander the Great also used mass media to gain followers in his empire, the article also made me question how others elevated their social status without social media. 

Questions to Consider: 

  • What are some other examples of micro-celebrities? 
  • What are some other examples of subcultural celebrities? 


Warwick, Alice. Micro-Celebrity in Social Media (n.d.): n. pag. 2015. Web. 1 Sept. 2016. 

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